The advantages of mobility are obvious. Anytime, anywhere access to essential information can boost productivity and efficiency in the enterprise, drive revenue and customer satisfaction for mobile carriers, and extend the value of software platforms and communication devices.

To realize the full potential of mobility unlimited, however, organizations must adopt a strategy that addresses some key technical challenges:

Compatibility with multiple, unrelated device and enterprise application platforms

Ability to access a wide range of enterprise data – not just email
Attention to complex management issues such as security and scalability
Intellisync’s award-winning products meet and exceed these demanding criteria. To purchase Intellisync products for individual consumers, or for your enterprise, simply select the appropriate option in the navigation area to the left.


We deliver some of the largest deployments of wireless email over the widest array of devices and application platforms. We offer companies an alternative to BlackBerry for email, as well as a way to mobilize their enabled devices without expensive hardware outlays. We synchronize data and files with high levels of accuracy and security across some of the most complex software applications. We power the tools that allow corporations to reap the benefits of mobility. We consistently win many of the mobility industry’s top awards.

Simply, Intellisync is the connector that bridges nearly every mobile device, data source, and application on the market today, and we are setting the standards that we believe will drive mobility technology well into the future. Industry leaders such as America Online, Credit Agricole, Domino’s Pizza, IBM, McKesson, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Pfizer, Verizon Wireless, and Yahoo! are Powered by Intellisync™.