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Food Innovator is the name of a new project started by Øresund Food and firstmove together with Kvistgaard Consulting, Viventes, Innovisor, Lantmännen, Dragsbæk and Stryhn's. Food Innovator aims to improve innovation procedures in the food sector. The goal is to develop an innovation tool for user-driven innovation specially designed for the food industry. Over the next year a number of workshops and conferences will be arranged involving, firstmovers, experts in food innovation and experts from other sectors that can inspire the process. Food Innovatior is a project under the program User Driven Innovation and is funded by the Danish Enterprise and Construction authority.

The project period is from September 2009 to June 2012.

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On October the 28th FOOD INNOVATOR organized a creative workshop involving a number of experts from the Øresund Region. Several good ideas came up and these will be part of the ongoing work on the project. Before the end of the year we will arrange another workshop. For more information or if you are interested in participating contact Jenny Bergsten:

Jenny Bergsten

Project Leader
+45 33 34 34 67
+45 28 75 40 90

Jenny is responsible for the strategic area Gastronomy & Sensation, including project development and network activities. Jenny is also working with innovation and international collaborations (for example the baltfood project and FINE - Food Innovation Network Europe).

Nørre Voldgade 16, 1358 Copenhagen K, DENMARK + 45 33 34 34 40